You Need a Great SEO Strategy and Here Are 6 Valuable SEO Keys

Starting your own business and website is a great achievement. However, it doesn’t just stop there; you still have many things to do. If you want to bring in visitors and turn them into customers you need to get your website to the top of search engine rankings. To do this you need a great SEO strategy in place.

Why do you need an SEO strategy?

So, why do you need an SEO strategy in place? Well, every day millions of businesses like yours fight to get their website into the top search results on Google. It’s not just luck that sites are shown in the first position. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into it by the website owners or the SEO specialist teams working on their behalf.

It is essential to get on the first page of Google search as up to 92% of clicks take place among the first five positions. The websites that manage to get into the top five rankings on Google have done so thanks to their SEO strategy. So, how do you go about such a strategy? Well, here we show you some of the essential parts of SEO and how you can implement them in your website.

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Start by establishing a keyword niche in your SEO strategy

The first part of any SEO strategy is to establish a keyword niche for your business website. This is essential when you are going up against big businesses that tend to dominate the rankings.

Let’s take hamburgers as a keyword. You sell handmade hamburgers and want to get your website to the top of Google rankings in the UK. If you type in the keyword “hamburgers” you will be presented with a map showing you the location of establishments that sell hamburgers.

Of course, the biggest and most well-known names are shown first, Five Guys and Wimpy. Now, you might be a small start-up business that makes custom handmade burgers and you want to get shown up when people search.

SEO strategy for Google rankings

In this case, instead of using the single word “hamburger”, you can elaborate and instead use the keyword “handmade hamburger”. The results then change and more local smaller businesses are shown.

SEO for higher rankings

So, instead of going for keywords that every burger place will use, turn to the long-tailed keywords, “handmade hamburger” and “custom handmade hamburger” etc. You can also add in your local region. For instance, “handmade hamburgers in Rotherham” and “best handmade hamburgers in Rotherham” could be ideal keywords. Of course, you would substitute the location for your location.

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Check the speed of your website

A speedy website is an essential part of any great SEO strategy. You wouldn’t walk into a shop and stand around for a long time waiting for someone to come and serve you, would you? The same applies when visiting a website.

People who want to visit a website to make a purchase want that website to load up within a second or two. They also want to be taken directly to the page to make that purchase or gain more information about the product or service. They don’t want to have to scroll and click one or two buttons before reaching the page they desire.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insight to find out issues with your website speed and how to fix them. A good tip is to keep the image size down, preferably below 150kb. You should also use a CMS that is optimised for speed.

Provide users with a great user experience

Are your visitors leaving your website quickly and it’s not down to speed. If visitors click off fast it could be because you are not offering them a great user experience.

Perhaps they cannot find what they want, your website might be difficult to navigate or confusing. Keep things as simple and easy as possible.

Offer users a clean interface, with easy navigation and links and provide clear calls to action. This way people will know where to go and look and what to do from the moment they enter the website.

Think mobile-first

Google revealed that all websites would be based around the mobile version of the website, with the desktop version coming in second. Therefore, when building and updating your website you have to think mobile-first.

Take the time to test out what your website looks like on a mobile device such as a smartphone and tablet. Offering a good mobile user experience is essential to any great SEO strategy. If you use WordPress as the base for your website it is easy to check if the site is mobile friendly and there are many plugins and themes to help ensure it is.

Only upload high-quality content

Content is one of the key factors of any website as this is where you use those all-important keywords. However, while it is important to constantly update your website to keep it fresh, you should only upload high-quality content.  

Long-form content works better for SEO than uploading several smaller articles. By long-form, we suggest an article of around 1,000 or more words. With this in mind, you do have to give some thought to the content of the article. It has to be interesting enough to keep the reader reading. Long-form content allows you time to use keywords along with long-tail keywords multiple times throughout the content.

When writing content you should consider whether it is related enough to the products or services you offer, whether it is original and finally what the search volume of the keyword is.

While keywords help to bring in visitors to your website they should also help to draw them into making a purchase. Getting customers to stay longer on your website helps with SEO rankings and leads to more sales.

Break your content up with headings and sub-headings and if possible add bullet points into the article to keep things interesting. You can also use images and infographics to help break up the content and keep readers interested.

In summary

You need a great SEO strategy in place and we have provided you with some great ideas to get you started. You can, of course, undertake your SEO but it does take a great deal of time and it is something that you have to keep doing. It can pay in the long run to hire an SEO specialist to take over running your strategy. Specialists are specialists for a reason and there is a much better chance of your site reaching those all-important high rankings in Google.

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