Why Is SEO Important in 2021?

Is SEO important in 2021? It absolutely is and we are going to show you why. For one, search engine optimisation is an important way of being able to communicate with Google. It is one way of proving to search engines that your site is relevant and they should show it when people search.

Throughout this guide, we will answer the question why is SEO important in 2021 including showing you its advantages and how it helps your small business.

We will be talking about the following:

  • What is SEO why is it important?
  • What is SEO and its advantages?
  • Why is SEO important for small businesses?
  • How to improve SEO
  • SEO for websites

The first thing we are going to look into is what SEO is and why it is so important for your website and business.

What is SEO Why is It Important?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it shows the relevance of websites and its posts and pages to Google and other search engines.

The content on your website is more likely to get a higher ranking in SERPs, so it will appear to those who search on Google first, when they make a search for relevant keywords.

Organic search results are searches that are not paid for, unlike ads. Your site can appear at the top of Google if you pay for ads. However, this does not bring in organic traffic. The organic results get organised by the Google algorithm.

SEO helps to bring organic traffic, think of this as good traffic, and this is essential if your business is to succeed online.

Why is organic search so important?

SEO is extremely important to your business and website. In fact, it is the only way that search engines can find out what your site is related to and when it should show it during searches.

Organic search results are shown underneath paid ads. The paid ads at the top show the “ads” icon. With this in mind you might think that paid ads are best if they show first. Actually, this is not so.

Many people searching will ignore the paid ads and look directly at the first listings in organic search.

However, to get among the first five listings on page one is not the easiest of tasks and it takes a lot of search engine optimisation on your site to get your post there.

What is SEO and its advantages?

SEO is search engine optimisation. This covers a wide range of factors including the following:

  • Making sure your website loads quickly
  • Having high-quality and relevant content related to your products;
  • Using H1 to H6 headings within the content
  • Including keywords that relate to your site and products
  • Writing for both search engines and readers
  • Including internal links in your content
  • Gaining back links
  • Keeping your blog up to date with content
  • Much more.

Why is SEO important for small businesses?

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SEO is extremely important for small businesses along with big businesses. Of course, smaller and newer businesses have to work a great deal harder to compete with the larger and more established ones.

Search engine optimisation from the very start when establishing your business is one of the best things you can do to boost your chances of getting ranked in Google.

How to improve SEO on your website

So, how do you improve SEO on your website? It can be daunting but many of the important aspects of SEO may be changes quite easily. However, you do have to have the correct tools. Now let’s look at the most important aspects of SEO and how you might be able to improve your organic search rankings.

Taking the first steps – user intent

You have to begin somewhere and the best place to begin is with user intent. In other words, gaining visibility online and understanding what users want. You should ask yourself why people are using the search engine and the reason for their search.

User intent is generally, informational, transactional and navigational.

  • Informational – when a user looks for information about something
  • Transactional – when customers search to buy something
  • Navigational – when looking for a certain brand of something

Google identifies the intent of users by looking at keywords and the connection with the search phrase. It then works out what the person wants and ranks accordingly. The results considered the closest by Google get shown at the top of Google searches.

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SEO keywords are one of the most important aspects of getting to the top of Google rankings.

Is SEO important in 2021

Links help with getting to the top of Google search

Back links help your website to rank high on Google search. These are links that other people have on their sites, linking to content on your site.

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While back links are important, bear in mind that sites should be high-quality and they should be relevant to what you offer. For instance, if you site sells shoes it is no good a site linking to you that sells pet food. The site should be in the same industry as you.

SEO for websites

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The answer to why is SEO important in 2021 is that without undertaking SEO for your website, you do not stand much of a chance of it being shown in the top of the Google search engine listings.

If you don’t rank high in search engines people are not going to find your site. If you don’t have people heading to your site, you are not going to make sales.

With SEO, you can watch your site rise up the rankings and take advantage of the many millions of people that use the internet to search for products every day. So, yes, SEO is important in 2021 and it will continue to be as more people turn to making purchases online in the future.

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