Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Why Mobile SEO Is So Important

Smartphones and tablets are overtaking personal computers for how people surf the internet. The phones of today are used for everything from checking emails to finding the latest information and making purchases. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing out as Google ranks it highly. Here we are going to explain why mobile SEO is so important and what you can do to become friendlier.

Why mobile SEO is so important

You want to be able to reach out to customers no matter where they are and what type of device they are using. If your website is mobile friendly, you stand a better chance of ranking higher on search engines.

According to Statista, during 2020 the number of people using mobile phones stood at over 4 billion. This means that more than 90% of internet searches are made online. Mobile internet traffic adds up to more than 50% of the total amount of web traffic. If you are not undertaking mobile SEO on your website, you are losing out.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your site is mobile friendly is to speed up the website. Your site needs to be very fast to keep users happy. If your site takes longer than a few seconds to load, people will bypass it and go to a competitor.

The differences between desktop and mobile SEO

The SEO goals between desktop and mobile SEO are comparable but there are some big differences too. Some tactics will work better for mobile and others for desktop users.

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On saying this, there are three themes that apply to both and these are:

  • Performance;
  • Content;
  • And user experience.

On both desktop and mobile, you want to offer all of the above to your visitors.

Get Your Website Mobile Friendly

One of the main differences is that with desktop SEO, your focus will be on the general public and with mobile SEO, the focus will be more local.

The Google Mobile-first Index

Google announced the mobile-first index in 2019 and in March 2021, all websites become indexed mobile-first. This means that Google puts priority of mobile versions of your website.

In other words, rankings are determined based on the mobile version of your website and the quality of it.

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As Google rankings are determined on the mobile version, you must ensure that it can be crawled and it loads fast. Therefore, take into account:

  • Blocks in the robots.txt;
  • Scripts that are slow to load;
  • Easy to read unique content;
  • The correct metadata;
  • Hreflang setup is correct;
  • Images and video is in the correct format;
  • Your mobile website is the same as your desktop site;
  • You are ranked based on the mobile version.

How to ensure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile SEO is the same as regular seo for websites. It is all about ensuring that your website can be crawled. However, you also need to make sure that the content is easily readable on mobile phones and tablets.

Bear in mind that when using mobile phones to search the internet people often change the way they search. One way that people use mobiles to search is to find local information. Providing this information becomes more relevant to people using mobiles.

So, here is how to ensure your website is mobile friendly.

Make use of Google search console to become mobile friendly

There is an easy to way to check if your site or blog is mobile friendly and this is to use Google search console and the Search Analytics tools. Using this free tool, you can quickly find out what keywords visitors use on mobiles and desktop computers. This will tell you whether you are targeting the correct keywords.

Using search console and the URL inspection, you can see what Google sees when it renders your content. This tells you if your website is mobile friendly or not.

Check out the mobile usability tool

Another helpful tool to use from Google is the Mobile Usability tool. This will give you an oversight of any pages and posts that are not mobile friendly and is one way of making improvements to mobile SEO.

Page experience is a Google ranking factor

Google revealed Page Experience in May 2020 and as the name might suggest it relates to the user experience.

This means that now Google considers how visitors experience your website. They take into account how fast the site loads. This includes such things as whether there are slow loading ads on the site or images that load slow, along with ads that harm the experience of the user.

How to improve speed to make your website mobile friendly

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As you can see, making improvements to the speed of the website is essential to keep people on the site and boost your rankings in Google. To do this you can:

  • Use less images or optimise them;
  • Host your site on a high quality host;
  • Update the PHP to the latest version;
  • Prioritise content that is visible;
  • Optimise the CCS, JavaScript and HTML;
  • Make sure your site is on HTTPS not HTTP;
  • Have fewer ads on the site;
  • Use a CDN;
  • Consider AMP.

In summary

If you want to enjoy better rankings in Google and keep your readers entertained, hire us, Copywriting 4 U. We provide website content, copywriting, articles and blog posts that are desktop and mobile SEO optimised to get better rankings and turn visitors into buyers. Along with this make sure that your website is mobile friendly with SEO services.

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