My Website Is Not Ranking! Here’s What You Can Do

If you are among the people pondering over the question of my website is not ranking on Google don’t worry we are here to tell you what you can do. You might have done everything you can to get your blog posts noticed and believe your site is optimised. However, your site is still not doing well. So, here is what to do when your website doesn’t rank, so read on.

Why is my SEO not working?

There are four possible reasons why your website is not ranking on search engines. These include:

  • Crawl and indexing issues – Check if your site is on Google;
  • Issues with links – Is your site lacking high-quality backlinks?
  • Keyword and content – do you have high-quality content on the site?
  • Technical issues – perhaps your site isn’t set up properly.

So, one or more of the reasons above may be the answer to why is my SEO not working. So let’s take a deeper look at the solutions.

Crawl and indexing problems

Nine times out of time when people tell us my website is not ranking, it is down to crawl or indexing issues.

These issues may mean that Google and other search engines cannot crawl your site. Of course, if this happens your website is not going to rank.

There is an easy way to find out if your website and its pages are on Google. Just head over to the Google search page and type in site: and you will see any pages they are ranking.

If your page isn’t shown this suggests that Google has not crawled it and there may be indexing issues.

Get Your Site Ranked On Google

If the page shows but it is not showing when you search for the related keywords you can then dig deeper to find out why?

There might be many reasons why the page isn’t ranking high, including your page not being SEO optimised.

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If it’s not showing at all, check the Robots.txt to make sure that it’s not set to no index.

If you are running your site on WordPress, also check to make sure the “Discourage search engine indexing” is not ticked.

Issues caused by links could be why your website is not ranking

If asking the question why is my website not ranking on Google the answer might be that the internal linking structure isn’t as it should be.

You should ensure your site has a clear structure as this helps Google. If your back links are poor your site may suffer even with well written content other SEO factors in place.

Linking pages both internally and using backlinks is important. However, always make sure that the links you add are relevant. Also make sure they are related to the content. All links should be valuable for visitors.

Few backlinks to the website, say if your site is new, will affect the ranking of the site. Try to get links from other websites and the higher those websites are in the rankings, the better for your website.

Reach The Top of SERPS With Quality Back Links

High-quality backlinks can help your site to rank higher in the Google search engine rankings.

Low-quality content on your website

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Having low-quality content on your website can affect its rankings. Therefore, well written content with back links is essential for good search engine rankings.

This is where a good website content writer comes into their own. They will produce high-quality content that Google will love and so will the readers. A good writer will ensure the content is reader and search engine friendly.

Get a quote from Copywriting 4 U for your SEO optimised content and you will no longer worry about why is my website not ranking on Google.

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