The Best Way to Choose SEO Keywords for Your Business

SEO plays an integral part when promoting your business online. If you don’t optimise your business website you don’t stand much chance of getting your site into the top Google rankings. Without this, you are not going to get visitors to your site. One part of SEO is keywords and we are going to show you the best way to choose SEO keywords for your business.

We would go as far as to say that keywords are 50% of the work associated with SEO. However, you have to choose the correct ones. So, let’s take a look at the best way to choose SEO keywords for your business.

Understanding SEO Keywords

Before you can choose keywords you first have to understand them. A keyword identifies what people on the internet are searching for using search engines. They define what the written content is about and are often called “search queries”.

There are three main types of keywords and these are head, body and long-tail keywords.

Head keywords

Head keywords are one word and usually attract a large search volume. However, the downside is that they also have the highest competition. Head keywords generally describe the industry as a whole, such as an electrician, plumber.

Body keywords

These are usually phrases containing two to three words. This type of keyword is generally more specific when compared to the head keywords. While a lot of people search for them, they are not as high as head keywords.

Long-tailed SEO keywords

Long-tailed keywords are more precise and are generally made up of at least four words. These types of keywords have a low search volume but they do make up for most of the web traffic.

It is generally more difficult to rank for head keywords, more so if you are in a very competitive industry. Long-tailed keywords can often be easier to rank for, so use these along with body keywords.

Undertaking keyword research

The best way to choose SEO keywords for your business is to undertake keyword research.

Researching keywords means you look for the terms that people enter when using search engines. There are many ways to find keywords. You can even use the Google search engine itself. Just start typing in your main keyword and Google will show you related keywords. For instance, we typed in SEO and related keywords that showed up included “SEO services”, “SEO keywords”, “SEO meaning” and others.

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You can also type in your main keyword and then scroll down the page. Around halfway down the page, you will see a People also ask section. Under this, you can find related keywords, including long-tail keywords. In our example of SEO, it showed “what is SEO and how it works”, “how do I SEO my website”, “what SEO means” and “How SEO is done”.

You can also find related searches right down at the bottom of the search page. These are also valuable keywords that you can use for your website.

Defining your SEO keywords goals

The best way to choose SEO keywords for your business is to first define your goals.

By this, we mean deciding the outcome. For instance, you could be after increasing the traffic to your website and therefore increase your sales. Be as specific as you can with defining your SEO goals. Ask yourself when you want to see results, the relevance of your audience, and the type of traffic you want.

Take a look at your competition

Checking out the competition is among the best way to choose SEO keywords for your business.

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Create a list of some of your biggest competitors and take a look at what keywords they target. Take a look at the content they have written and their Meta tags. By doing some research into your competition you can find keywords that you might be missing out on.

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Make the most of SEO keywords that already generate traffic

You might already have keywords that are generating traffic to your website. If so you can capitalise on these. You can use your Google Search Console to help you identify keywords that people have used to find your website and make use of these in your content.

Google also offers Ads Keyword Planner and you don’t have to use it just for paid ads. You can use it to find keywords to use and narrow down those keywords.

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You can combine this with Google Trends. This tool is also free to use and it helps you to find search volume and give traffic estimates for your specific keywords. This is a great tool for discovering keywords with low search volume with the potential to deliver good results in the future. In other words, you can find keywords that look as though they are trending upward.

To summarise

Keywords are not the only part of SEO that you have to consider but they are an important part and do need a great deal of attention given to them.

We have explained the best way to choose SEO keywords for your business and you can put all of the above into practice. You can undertake search engine optimisation yourself but it does take a great deal of time. Alternatively, you can hire an SEO expert to undertake all areas of search engine optimisation for your website.


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