SEO or Pay per Click Advertising? Which Gets Better Rankings?

Anyone who relies on their website for business knows the importance of ranking high in search engines for their particular search terms. If you don’t rank in Google, you can’t get your website out there to those who search daily for the products or services you sell. Two ways of getting rankings are SEO and PPC advertising. So should you go for SEO or Pay per click advertising? Well, read on to find out.

What is SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is a shortened version of search engine optimisation. It is a strategy of website optimisation to ensure your website gains a high ranking position in search results.

Search engine optimisation is best performed by a specialist company, which uses many factors rolled up into a package. These factors go towards optimising your site to the best of its ability.

What is Pay per Click advertising?

Pay per Click is often shortened to PPC and these are ads that are seen right at the top of the Google search page when you type in a query on the search engine.

SEO or pay per click advertising

You design an advert using Google ads and the search engine company shows them on search results. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, taking them to your website, you pay a sum of money.

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So, should you choose SEO or Pay per Click advertising?

Both are ways of spreading your website name and brand name out on the World Wide Web. So, is it SEO or pay per click advertising?

There are actually many reasons why search engine optimisation always works out as being the better choice of the two.

SEO brings in a lot of website traffic

If you payout for a professional SEO service, the results are generally amazing. A good SEO strategy, including local SEO can bring you lots of traffic to the site.

It is a fact that organic search results, those not paid for, obtain a higher click-through rate than those ads posted at the top of the search engine rankings. Paid ads generally generate 27% compared to organic search driving 53% of traffic to the website. Bear in mind that ads can often be stopped by ad-blockers. This means that people don’t even get to see the ads you have carefully crafted. This is another good reason to choose the former when considering SEO or pay per click advertising.

You get a high return on investment with SEO

When deciding between SEO or pay per click advertising more work is required for SEO. That is if you are undertaking your SEO strategy yourself. This is why there are expert companies out there to rely on to get the best results possible.

When considering an SEO strategy you will have to factor in the following:

  • The content you put on your website has to be unique and high-quality;
  • Keyword research has to be undertaken to find the most suitable keywords and long-tail keywords for your website;
  • You have to undertake internal linking and obtain backlinks;
  • You need to learn about the importance of using H1s, H2s, etc.
  • The content on your site should be written for readers and search engines;
  • Much more hard work.

However, despite all of the above, and if you choose a reputable SEO service, you will get a high return on your investment.

You contine to reap the benefits

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Once the optimisation of your website has taken place and backlinks, start building up you should start reaping the benefits. Even if you don’t continue with the service, you will still enjoy the benefits. This is because the work will have been done to get your homepage in search engines. This is unlike ad campaigns. Once you stop them, the ads are not shown in the search engine anymore. Therefore, any money you have already paid out will have gone to waste. SO, when it comes to SEO or pay per click advertising, the former generally gives a better return.

Of course, we don’t recommend you give up your SEO strategy once you begin to see results. Things can only improve and more site visitors will come to your site if you continue to show new high-quality content and relevant content on your website.

Again, an SEO specialist will be able to offer content writing services alongside full search engine optimisation and link building service.

SEO is more sustainable

When considering SEO or pay per click advertising bear in mind that search engine optimisation is more sustainable.

We say this because ads are not a sustainable way to get web traffic, as you have to keep at it and keep paying out when people click on your ads.

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On the other hand, search engine optimisation is longer-term. As mentioned above it can still work even if you don’t keep up with SEO. Once you have got a website packed with good relevant content of high quality and it has built up brand authority, it doesn’t stop ranking high in search engines overnight.

Therefore, SEO is the more sustainable option of the two.

Google algorithms get smarter

When deciding between SEO or pay per click advertising you need to consider that Google algorithms continue to get smarter.

It is more important now and in the future that text on your website is well optimised. This is because Google is getting smarter in understanding text.

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Rich results in Google have an impressive 58% click-through rate compared to the 41% for non-rich. To take advantage of this you need superb implementation and you only get this through an effective SEO strategy.

So, as you can see when considering the question of SEO or pay per click advertising you can see that the former certainly has more going for it.

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