SEO Meta Descriptions – Make Them Stand Out on Google Search

Did you know you can boost your search rankings and CTR with well-written SEO Meta descriptions? It’s true and we are going to give you some advice on how to make them stand out and work for you.

Ahrefs revealed that 74% of web pages that are in the top 10 Google rankings have a good Meta description. So, with this in mind, you really should be putting a lot of care and energy into writing those descriptions.

Give thought to Writing SEO Meta descriptions

If your website is running on WordPress, and it should be, it is easy to add well written SEO Meta descriptions to your articles and posts. While this guide is mainly aimed at beginners, any might be able to benefit from these hints and tips.

We are going to cover the following:

  • What exactly is a Meta description?
  • Why are Meta descriptions important for SEO?
  • How to write the perfect Meta descriptions to boost rankings
  • How to easily add Meta descriptions in WordPress

What is an SEO Meta description?

An SEO Meta description is an attribute you can add to the post or article you have written to provide a brief summary of what the content is about.

This gives not only readers a good idea of what the post is about, but also provides Google with the same.

A well written Meta description can make a huge impact on the chances of the content being indexed and ranked in search engines.The description is also, what is shown in the search results below the headline of your post.

SEO Meta description example
Therefore, you need to ensure you should write SEO Meta descriptions that are interesting and actionable. The more work you put into this, the better your chances are that people will click on the link and go to the content to read it.

Why SEO Meta descriptions are important

Meta descriptions are not going to help your website or content to rank on its own. However, it is going to go some way towards helping.

The whole idea of the description is to get people to click on it out of the many others that will be listed on the search page. The more clicks you get, the more people visit your site. This helps to get higher rankings on search engines and it can mean visitors turn into customers.

SEO Meta descriptions are also very useful to tell Google and other search engines what the content is about. Therefore, the description needs to be concise and include your main keywords.

It is not only your posts that you should add Meta descriptions onto; you should include them on such as your home page and products.

How to write SEO Meta descriptions to increase rankings

So, you now know what the descriptions are and the importance of using them. Now we are going to go into how to write the perfect SEO Meta description to increase rankings.

When writing outstanding descriptions there are several factors, you have to take into account. These are:

  • Make sure you use your main focus keyword;
  • Ensure you describe the content of your post or page;
  • Include your CTA (call to action);
  • Make sure the description is interesting and unique.
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Now, take a deep breath before going ahead and writing your description. Ideally, you want to include all of the above factors in your description. However, if you can’t, just include what you can. By doing so, you maximise and make the most of your search traffic, rankings and clicks.

Now let’s take a deeper look into the factors from above to see how you can utilise them in your Meta descriptions.

Include your main keyword in SEO Meta descriptions

Including your main keyword in Meta descriptions is extremely important. If there is only one factor out of the above that you can implement in your descriptions, it is including the keywords.

Before you start writing your post, you should have already done the keyword research. You should have included your keywords in the post, so know what they are. It is essential to add your main keyword into the Meta description.

If you do this, they will be highlighted in bold in Google search. This tells Google to match your post to what people search for and it tells those searching that your post is relevant to them.

Keyword in Meta description

In the example above, someone searching for the best SEO plugins and an article related to that is listed in the search engine with the main keywords highlighted.

Easily add SEO Meta descriptions in WordPress

WordPress blogs are one of the most used in SEO as they make it extremely easy to keep updating your blog with fresh and exciting content.

They also use plugins and a good one to use is the All in One SEO plugin.

This plugin helps you to write SEO Meta descriptions for your posts by providing boxes where you can write the description. The plugin also shows you a preview of how it looks to search engines.

Optimise your Meta description

If you don’t want to write the content, you can choose to click on tags that will automatically insert content. This can be handy if you have written a post excerpt and want to use it as your Meta description.

Using the plugin, you can also analyse the SEO of your post. Under the basic SEO heading, you will be given results of how good your post is for SEO. Key factors the plugin checks include:

  • Whether the focus keyword is in the Meta description
  • If the keyword is in the URL
  • Whether the keyword is in the content
  • Keyword in the introduction
  • The length of the keyword
  •  Meta description length
  • The length of the content
  • Internal and external links.

If all is good, these will have a green tick at the side of them. If there is a red cross, you need to take a look and make changes.

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You can also check for errors in the title and the readability of the post.

In summary

Crafting a good Meta description is essential to getting your content shown up in search engines. Without a good description, Google and other search engines will have no idea what the content is about. If it doesn’t know what the content is about, it can’t match it up with the keywords people search for and you lose out.

If you follow the above, you will know how to write SEO Meta descriptions that stand out on Google search and bring in visitors.


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