Ridiculously Easy Marketing Ideas to Grow Traffic Guaranteed

So, you have set up your own business and have some great products to sell. Now, you just have to get visitors to your website to buy. Easier said than done as first you have to drive traffic to your website. Thankfully, we have some superb marketing ideas to grow traffic guaranteed.

With these marketing ideas, you will soon see a rise in user engagement. You will also be able to convert those visitors into leads along with build your brand and a great deal more.

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Our marketing ideas will be spread out over categories so if you prefer one to the other you can just go to that section.

So, without any further ado let’s move on

1.    Identify topics that are high traffic

One of the first of our superb marketing ideas is to first identify the topics that bring in high traffic.

Target in on your visitor’s interest

To get huge amounts of traffic to your website you need to tailor your content strategy to what people want. If you can create the content people are looking for, you will attract more visitors and you can turn them into buyers.

So, how do you find the interests of readers? Well, one way is to check demographics along with interest data through analytics.

If you determine the user groups that have the highest engagement, you are well on your way to identifying topics that obtain the highest traffic and concentrate on these for your content.

Along with finding out the gender and ages of people most visiting your site, you can also find which interests are most popular.

Find popular post types and landing pages

You should identify your most popular posts along with the top landing pages on your sites.

Once you have done this, you know there is interest and so you can continue working on similar types of content and posts.

Again, you can find these in your Google Search Console in the “insights” tab. Here you will find your most popular content based on views. You can continue writing fresh and relevant content based on these topics.

If your website is running on WordPress and you have Jetpack you can also find information out about your top posts and pages.

The Google Site Kit plugin will also provide you with information about the top content on your site, along with the number of views that content received.

Use existing content to get more traffic

You might have a lot of valuable content on your website already. Rather than just let old content sit there doing nothing much, you might repurpose that content.

You can rewrite and add relevant and interesting information to old content to bring it up to date.

You can also repurpose presentations, spreadsheets and downloads.

Make use of Google Suggest to discover high traffic topics

Google search is a very powerful tool in its own right in regards to finding superb marketing ideas to grow traffic.

You can discover topics that drive high traffic simply by typing in your keyword in the search bar.

As you type, you will see suggestions. These are topics related to what you are typing. However, bear in mind that you see this related content before you press the “Enter” key.

marketing ideas to grow traffic google search

Use related searches

Just as you can use the Google search bar to find suggestions for topics, the same applies if you type your keyword then scroll down to the bottom of the search page.

Right at the bottom, you will find related searches to the keyword you typed in. These can provide you with some valuable keywords to write about.

marketing tools

Geo-targeting your content

Check, which countries attract the most interest on your blog? If you can identify the countries you get the most visitors from you can target these countries specifically offering information relating to those countries.

2. Repurpose existing content

Take a look at the old content on your website. You could have some valuable pieces of content on your site that you can repurpose.

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If you have some smaller articles on your site that perhaps haven’t done as well as you expected them to you could add in relevant and new content, rewrite them and combine them.

Optimise the right content

Optimising the right content is another of our superb marketing ideas to grow traffic for your website.

If you have content that already ranks on the second or third page of Google, you might want to consider what you can do to improve it. You can find your average ranking in Google Search Console and this is the existing content that you should put your focus on.

If you optimise that content by adding in relevant and new content, along with your top keywords, that content might reach the first page of Google search instead of being further down.

Make use of power words in titles

When writing content to grow the traffic use power words. Also, bear in mind when writing titles and headlines is longer ones, six to eight words, increase the CTR by 21%.

So, longer titles work better and you can also use power words to persuade people to click on your links.

Address common questions in FAQs

One of the best marketing ideas to grow traffic is to answer commonly asked questions in your content.

When you make a search in Google or type in your main keyword, you will see a section called “People also ask”. You can put this to good use by answering the questions asked in this section.

You can use the questions in your sub-headings, exactly as it appears in the people ask section. Then all you have to do is answer that question. This can help to boost the traffic to your site easily.

Make use of LSI keywords throughout the content

Using LSI keywords throughout your content can help to boost traffic. Latent semantic indexing keywords are words that the Google algorithm uses to understand the search terms of users. LSI keywords are words related to your keyword.

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3. Encourage visitors to share on social media

Social media is a great tool that can be used to your advantage which is why we have included it among our superb marketing ideas to grow traffic.

What can you give away?

Everyone likes to get hold of something for nothing. You might have an e-book you can give away to those who subscribe. You could create a contest or offer rewards to visitors to your site.

Giving something useful away to those who subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media and helps to promote your brands and get it out there. You could run a raffle, competition or something similar and share it on social media.

Get visitors involved with a quiz

People love to be quizzed and show off how much they know. With this in mind, you could offer visitors a quiz on social media or your website. Quizzes often go viral on social media as people share them around and this can create a buzz and generate lots of traffic to your website.

4. Promote to get a new audience

You might have superb content and information on your website, if so, you should promote it. So, here is how you can promote it.

Get referral traffic guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to grow traffic for your website. Guest posting can help you to gain those all-important backlinks to your site.

Participate on forums

If you want to grow your traffic, you can take part in forums. Forums can be valuable but they must be relevant to your site.

Reddit is a good choice of forum to take a look at and take part as it covers a huge range of topics in many different niches.

You can also find forums based on your topic by typing in forum+topic.

tips to grow traffic

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When you have found forums relating to your industry or topic, you can take part and build a profile, including a link to your website. You can also share links to content you have written that people are talking about.

Display social accounts on your site

You should allow people to share content on your site through social media. If people read something interesting and they think their friends would like it, they can share it.

In summary

We hope you have enjoyed our superb marketing ideas to grow traffic and bring in visitors to your site. We also understand that implementing techniques can take a great deal of time and can cause stress.

If you want to drive more traffic to your website the easy way, you can employ a professional SEO expert to optimise your site to rank higher in Google search, which in turn helps to draw in more visitors.

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