Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking on Google and How to Fix It

Your website isn’t ranking on Google despite having a catchy domain name and great content on it. Shock, horror, what are you to do? Well, don’t panic and read on as we explain how you might be able to fix it and get a coveted ranking spot with the assistance of professional content creation services.

First thing to remember is that there may be more than one reason why your website isn’t ranking on Google. The good news is that in the majority of cases they can be fixed. So, read on to find out what you can do to boost your rankings in search engines.

6 reasons your websites isn’t ranking on Google

Below you can find six of the most popular reasons why your website isn’t ranking on Google and other search engines.

  1. Your site is relatively new
  2. Your site has low visibility online
  3. The site is sooooo slow
  4. It isn’t mobile friendly
  5. It lacks on-page SEO
  6. Your blog is not updated regularly

So, now that you know what might be affecting your website, we show you how you can go about fixing these issues.

1.     Your website is new

Of course, you might be jumping the gun a bit and worrying for nothing if your website is relatively new to the internet.

Just because you have some content on a site, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to reach the front search page of Google and other search engines.

Highly targeted traffic to your site through SEO is going to take time. Therefore, you should be patient and concentrate on the other issues first.

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At the very least you can expect it take a few months, if not a year, before you start getting noticed on Google and you have to keep at it with content creation for websites and blogs.

2.     Low visibility online

It is important to get your brand name out there, not just on your own website or blog.

This is where content creation on social media comes into play. Not to mention content on your blog, article directories, Google My Business and anywhere else, you can find to upload it.
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Getting your content out there, and therefore your brand name, is essential. The more places you reach out to the bigger your audience. We not only provide content creation for websites, but also a wide range of content creation services.

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1.     Your website is at a crawl

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Have you tested the speed of your website? Visitors wanting to make a purchase or find out more about your company will not want to wait for many seconds for your page to load up. Visitors will click off before your site has even loaded, so make a speed check.

A reliable free to use tool called Pingdom allows you to check the speed. It also provides tips on how to speed up your site.

2.     Is your website mobile friendly

Content creation for websites is essential. This includes written content, videos and pictures. However, when uploading content to your site you have to take into account that today many people visit from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, your website has to be mobile friendly.

This is an easy fix as Google offer a free tool for checking.

3.     Your website lacks SEO

You might want to employ professional content creation services for your website as it could be lacking SEO.

To get good rankings on search engines, including Google, your site has to be optimised for the relevant keywords. This means they should be in strategic places. Typically, this includes in the title of the article, the headings, in the first 150 words, descriptions and alts in the images.

However, it is important not to over stuff your content with keywords. A good company offering content creation services will know this.

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4.     Your blog should be updated regularly

Content creation for websites and blogs should be undertaken on a regular basis. This is to ensure you keep your website or blog fresh and exciting.

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Many people want to know if blogs are important for SEO and we can answer that with a firm YES, they are.

Adding in fresh content will not only keep things interesting for your readers but it will also help you with Google. The more high quality content you put onto your site, the more you tell crawlers about your services and products.

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