LSI Keywords Benefits: Why You Should Use Them

Here we look at LSI keywords benefits and why you should use them in your articles and blog posts.

Throughout this guide, we are going to look at topics and answer questions such as:

  • What are they?
  • How to find LSI keywords
  • How do I use LSI keywords in an article?
  • What is an LSI keyword generator?
  • LSI keywords benefits
  • The importance of LSI keywords in your articles.

What are LSI keywords?

The first question we will answer is what are LSI keywords? LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. These are keywords that are conceptually related terms the search engines use to gain an understanding of the content on your page.

How to find LSI keywords

The first thing we are going to look into is how to find LSI keywords. One of the easiest ways to find them is to use Google itself. After all, the aim of this guide is to help your articles and posts to rank higher in the search engines and draw in more visitors.

Use Google search to find LSI keywords

Open up your web browser and type in your keyword. This is one of the main keywords that you want to rank for in a Google search. In the image below the keyword is “seo friendly url”.

As you type, Google automatically lists LSI keywords. Keywords that are related to what you typed. Of course, not all of the keywords shown will be useful, but you can pick out the ones that are the closest related to your topic.

LSI keywords benefits

These keywords are important as they are what Google deems to be related and which the search engines believes should be in content when talking about SEO friendly URL.

Check out the related search suggestions

Another way you can use Google to find related keywords is to check the related search suggestions at the bottom of the search page.

This is a valuable place to secure keywords that Google likes and wants to see in your written content. If Google chooses these keywords, they are more or less telling you which keywords you should use in content.

related keywords

Google even tells you which are the important words in search results as it bolds those words. Again, put these to good use within your articles and blog posts.

Find important keywords in the search results

You can also make good use of the search results themselves. Scroll down through the results and find any boldface words. These could be used as Google sees them as important keywords.

Use Google keyword planner

Another way in which Google helps and provides LSI keywords benefits is through the keyword planner.

This is a free to use tool that is mainly used for AdWords, however, it can also be used to research keywords. You do need to make an account but you do not need to spend money to use the tool.

Simply type in the main keyword and Google will give you a list of keywords related to that phrase.

How do I use LSI keywords in an article?

So, how to use LSI keywords in your content? Well, check out the many ways below.

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You can use these keywords in your content just as if you would normally use keywords.

However, one very important factor to consider is how you use them. You cannot just write willy-nilly, stuffing in the keywords anywhere in the content.

Please readers and you please Google

While it is important to use keywords in your content, it has to be done with both Google and readers in mind. When the search engine giant shows websites in search rankings, they do so because they see them as being relevant.

Google likes content to offer readers information and answers to what they are searching for. Therefore, you have to please readers. If you please the readers, you please Google and this boosts your chances of getting matched with queries.

Add keywords naturally into your content

Make sure you add keywords naturally within the content and never overstuff them. By this we mean don’t include them too many times. As a rough guide, you should use your main keywords in the title, the headings, sub-headings, in the first paragraph, once in the content and in the last paragraph.

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You can also use the LSI keywords scattered throughout the article, naturally. Through using these additional keywords, it gives Google a better understanding of what your content is about.

Use keywords in Meta descriptions and alt tags

Using keywords in Meta descriptions and alt tags will also help, but do not overdo it. The same applies to images. However, never overstuff them and of course, make sure that any images you add are relevant to your content.

What is an LSI keyword generator?

An LSI keywords generator is a tool that will help you to find those important keywords. There are free tools out there but you don’t specifically have to use a special tool as we have shown you above lots of ways to find keywords that Google loves and if the search engine giant loves them, you should use them.

LSI keywords benefits

Now let’s move on to discover the LSI keywords benefits for your blog or site.

When SEO first came into play during its early days, it was fairly easy to get Google to realise the topic of a site by keywords alone. Yes, the keyword on your page counted for 100%.

For instance, if you kept repeating the words “increase Google search ranking” throughout your article then the search engine knew this was the topic. Keyword density played a huge part back then. Today, Google is a lot smarter and it wants to figure out the overall topic of the page and its content.

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To do this the search engine relies on LSI keywords, related words. This allows it to gain an understanding at a much deeper level. Your main keyword is still relevant and is still taken into account, but so are the related words on your site.

This is why it is important to use these keywords in your articles.

In summary

There are many LSI keywords benefits in regards to helping you to rank higher in Google search. Using them can help to improve SEO in your content and they do count towards ensuring the search engines realise the topic of your articles and blog posts.

You might have noticed throughout the guide we have used bold on certain words. These are the main keyword and those related to them. We have done this so Google picks up on the relation.

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