Your Link Building Isn’t Working: 5 Common Reasons Why (And How to Fix It)

If you want your site to rank in search engines you have to get backlinks on your site and they have to be high-quality links. If you have been undertaking building links you might be wondering why they are not helping your SEO strategy. Well, here we are going to look at 5 common reasons why your link building isn’t working along with how you can fix those issues.

Link building helps to boost search engine rankings

The whole purpose of link building is to boost your search engine rankings. However, when building those all-important links you can do more damage than good. You can get hit by link penalties and Google algorithms can affect your links.

If your site is hit by penalties due to bad links, you have to undergo link removal. A good SEO specialist will be able to find those bad links for you and help you to remove them. They will also be able to tell you why link building isn’t working and fix it for you by providing high-quality links.

So, let’s look at the main reasons why your link building isn’t working.

1.    Poorly written content on your blog

You might have lots of content on your site but if it is poorly written content with little or no relevant or useful information, high-quality sites are not going to want to link to it.

A good indication that the content on your site isn’t very good is how long people remain on your website. If they pay just a few seconds visit, you can be sure the content isn’t keeping them enthralled.

Make sure you publish high-quality content that is not only relevant to your site but which also provides visitors with the information they are craving.

2.    You use blog carnivals/marketplaces

One of the reasons why your link building isn’t working could be that you use blog carnivals. These are communities people gather at to share content. People visit them to look for articles which they then publish on their website.

Some people use these as link schemes but unfortunately, Google is not a big fan of them, so they can bring numerous issues.

3.    Too much anchor text in the backlink profile

Some people may argue this one but Google might take action against your site if you have too much rich anchor text in your backlink profile.

Having some rich anchor text is fine and well but overdoing it leads to the text looking manipulated. If there is too much anchor text it is like putting up a huge bull’s eye as human reviewers will pick it up easily.

4.    Avoid paid guest posting

Guest posting used to be one way of getting high-quality backlinks and many people still use this method today.

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However, today paid guest posts are extremely obvious. This could be one of the reasons why your link building isn’t working.

A huge red flag is a site that large numbers of incoming links on its posts with rich anchor text that has been embedded right into the middle of that text.

It is ok to do guest posting for clients, however, never ever pay for posts. When obtaining links this way make sure, any links that you get are the simple attribution links that are seen at the bottom of the post.

If guest posting make sure the company you are using relies on only high-end targets.

5.    Stop cranking out low accuracy/relevance infographics

Using infographics is a very popular strategy that people use for promoting websites and blogs. Infographics might look great and can often get certain types of information over effectively. However, don’t churn out low accuracy or low relevance infographics with links.

When trying to build backlinks yourself you could be tempted to churn out infographics of poor quality instead of thinking about quality. Any infographics should have accurate information and be relevant.

Why your link building isn’t working and how to fix it

Now you have seen our top reasons why link building isn’t working, so now onto how to fix it.

One of the best ways to start your back linking campaign is to put it into the hands of a professional link building service.

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By doing so there will not be any mistakes and you can be sure that any and all links made by specialists will be of high quality. This means you don’t have to worry about link penalties.

With high-quality links from a reliable link building agency, you can boost your search engine rankings. The higher you rank in search engines the higher the chance of visitors seeing your site and visiting.

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