Improve SEO with Good Content – We Show You How

Getting your website into top Google rankings is a must to bring in a flow of traffic. Here we are going to show you how to improve SEO with good content to increase your chances of your site getting onto the first page of Google search.

Google only shows websites it believes have the expertise, trust and authority on a particular subject. There is no better way to show this than through writing exceptional content. Below we share with you the secrets to improve SEO with good content and get noticed by Google.

The mysterious Google algorithm

Google uses an algorithm to match what people search for online to websites offering the same. You can view the history of Google algorithms here.

They do this by using algorithms, crawlers and canonicals. Yes, it is a truly mysterious system. SEO experts work to ensure websites have all that is necessary to meet these Google algorithms. This way you don’t have to worry about the complex part.

To keep things simple, the way Google works when indexing websites is as follows:

  • It looks into why content is relevant
  • Asks why readers would care
  • Looks into why people would come to the site for answers

The way it finds answers to these questions and more is it looks at the written content on the website.

It picks up keywords in that content, along with relevant words, and matches that content to people who use the same words when making a search.

How to improve SEO with good content

improve SEO

So, when considering how to improve SEO with good content you first have to think about how you are going to let Google know you are an expert in a particular field.

Use H Tags in content to improve SEO

You do this through the content you write and leave clues throughout (keywords) for Google to pick up on. Another great trick is to use keywords in sub-headings. Again, point these out to Google by using H tags.

For instance, use the H2 tag for the main headings in the content and the H3 tag for sub-headings in-between the main ones.

The tags should include your main keywords along with related words. As they are highlighted in the tags Google realises they are important.

In this article, you can see we have used the H2 heading “How to improve SEO with good content”. This includes the main keyword. Then we broke the content down using a sub-heading with the H3 tag, “Use H Tags in Content to Improve SEO”.

This not only tells Google that these words have importance in the content; it also makes the content easier to read for visitors and points them in the right direction. If you please your readers, Google is pleased too.

Improve SEO within your pages

It is not only your blog posts where you have to improve SEO. You also need to ensure that any page, especially your homepage, is optimised with your main keywords.

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To show Google you are an expert you have to prove it in your content. This means explaining everything in full and in easy to understand ways. Remember just because you are an expert in the matter it doesn’t mean your readers are.

Creating good content does take time and so does ensuring that content is optimised. When we say optimised, we mean it includes keywords and related words, it is well written, unique and it provides the answers to the questions people want.

Don’t assume Google knows you are an expert

When writing never assume that Google knows you are an expert in your field. A good tip is to have a hub on your site. This is a page where you explain and go into every aspect of what you offer. In our case, this is SEO and content creation.

Go into every detail about the subject, answering all the questions people ask about that subject. You can find out questions people as by going onto Google search and typing in the keyword or phrase into the search box.

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 In our case, we typed in “SEO optimisation for websites”. Scroll right down to the bottom of the search page and you will see a section called related searches. As the name suggests this is what others have searched for concerning your search.

In our search, questions asked included “how to do SEO for website step by step”, “what is SEO and how it works” and “what is website optimisation”. These can be used in your hub. It provides answers to questions so it gives people what they want and this is something Google loves.

You can improve SEO greatly simply by telling Google you are an expert.

Internal links are important

You might know that backlinks play a big part in getting a good ranking on Google but internal links also play an important part.

Internal links are links within your content that point to relevant content on your website. You can link similar content and by doing so, it points readers in the right direction and helps to keep them on your site for longer.

While you should link to your own internal content, you should also link to trusted third party websites. These should be related to what your content is about and it tells Google that you are willing to share the best possible information to readers.

In summary

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We hope you are learned some good tips to improve SEO with good content and you have been able to put them into practice. Of course, you should also make sure your website is SEO optimised and we can help with that, just click the button below.

Remember to show Google you are an authority on a particular subject by answering the questions people are searching for and you are on your way to getting good Google rankings and lots of traffic.

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