How to Improve SEO on Google the Simple but Time Consuming Way

If you have a website to sell products and services, however big or small, you need to get on Google search. We are going to show you how to improve SEO on Google to get better rankings and more visitors.

How does your site rank?

The first thing we are going to take a look at is how your site ranks on Google. How it gets onto the search page.

When you make a website and publish it online, Google and other search engines send out bots to crawl the information on your site. This is the code, the HTML, on your site. This may look like a mess to you, but robots understand it. It tells them what your site is about.

Search engines pick up on keywords used throughout your site and content on it. For instance, if you sell pet food and supplies you will have keywords such as pet food, food for your pet, dog food and so on.

When these keywords are repeated in titles, headers, sub-heading and content the bots realise they are important.

When someone types in these words on Google search, there is a chance that they will match your site and show it at the top of the search results.

So, how to improve SEO ranking on Google to get higher results? That is the question we are going to answer.

How to improve SEO on Google with Search Console

If your website has been online for some time there is an easy way to check if your site has been crawled by Google.

Go to the home page of Google and in the search box type in “site:yoursitename”. Your site name is obviously the name of your website.

If your website is in Google, you will see a list of the pages and posts on your site. If not you can head to the Google Search Console page and sign up. Here you can upload your sitemap and find information related to your site. Google will then crawl your site.

improve SEO on Google

Of course, this alone is not going to improve SEO ranking on Google, but it does get your website noticed.

Reach the Top of SERPs with Quality Backlinks

Now that you have got Google to recognise your site, you can take steps to increase SEO on Google to help it move up the rankings.

Put your site in the hands of a professional

While you can undertake SEO yourself, there is another option and this is to put it into the hands of an SEO professional.

A professional will undertake all the hard work on your behalf to improve the chances of getting your site into the first page of Google rankings. This does save you a lot of time and stress, but of course, you do have to pay for it. While there is a cost, it might be worth it in the long run as SEO services can pay dividends in the long run. Professional SEO services typically include the following:

  • Review of the structure of your site;
  • Checking out the content on your site;
  • Providing written high-quality content;
  • Give technical advice about hosting, development, JavaScript, etc.
  • Manage business campaigns;
  • Provide on-site and off-site SEO.

Run a Full Website Scan in Minutes

However, if you want to start off yourself and you are prepared to put the hard work and time into it you can read on.

One of our biggest tips is if you are hiring an SEO expert, do so as early as you can. After all, it is better to set the foundations and ensure you have strong foundations.

How to improve SEO on Google  with these tips

Now let’s take a look at some of the things you can do when considering how to improve SEO on Google.

1. Your robots.txt file

Your robots.txt file will tell the search engine what it can and cannot crawl on your site. This file is found in the root directory of your website on your hosting. This file plays an important part and this is where you can tell the search engine not to crawl specific pages, e.g. sensitive pages.

It is also important to make sure that your main site is not blocked in the robots.txt. If it is, Google will not be able to crawl it. You can test your robots.txt in the Google search console.

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If you use WordPress as your platform for your website, you can also tick or untick a box to stop or allow search engines to rank your site.

2. Accurate and unique page titles

In the HTML of the post or content you have written for your website you will see <title> if you go and look. If using WordPress to post content to your blog or site you can switch to the text tag instead of visual to find out how search engines see the content.

increase SEO on Google with page titles

The <title> is the title of your content or article. To increase SEO on Google you should make sure that the title is accurate, relevant and unique.

For instance, if writing content about improving SEO for search engines you need to make sure your title reflects this. We chose “How to improve SEO on Google the Simple Way” for our title for this article. Notice that this is also one of the keywords that we want to target. This is so when people type in how to improve SEO on Google, there is a chance our content and site is shown in the search results. It is also important to make your titles unique. The titles should be descriptive.

3. Make use of the description Meta tag

You should also make use of the description Meta tag. This description should be relevant to what you have written. Usually, the description is a sentence or two and this is what Google will put under the title of your content in the search.

If you don’t use a description Meta tag, Google will choose content and it might not always be relevant. The description should also include your main keyword but not overstuffed. It is also important to use unique descriptions.

4. Make the most of your sub-headings

When writing content, make sure you make use of sub-headings throughout. Breaking down your content into smaller and easier to read paragraphs under sub-headings will make it easier to digest and read.

You can also capitalise by using your keywords in the sub-headings. This tells Google that the words are important. Use the H2 tag for sub-headings.

Keep sub-headings short and to the point, a brief explanation of what this specific part of the content is about.

5. Understand the H tags and structure

If you use Microsoft Word or similar to write your content or you write it directly on WordPress, you need to consider the H tags.

On WordPress, the tags are listed at the top of the dropdown on the visual tab. The normal text of the content is written using “paragraph”.

Your main title automatically has the H1 tag. This tells Google and other search engines it is very important.

website structure

As you go down through your content, you want to use lesser tags. H2 tags can be used for the sub-headings and if you have content in-between the sub-headings, you can use the H3 tag. Tags go from H1 to H6 and the higher the number the more important that text.

These tags are how you can tell Google what is the most important. Therefore, use your most important keywords in your H tags.

6. Use breadcrumbs to improve SEO on Google

If you use breadcrumbs on your website, it helps with the structuring of the site. Breadcrumbs are internal links that are shown at the top or bottom of your site and allow visitors to go back or go home. These also help Google to tell the structure of your website.

Navigation and menus are also an important part of your website. These help visitors to navigate around your site and also help Google and other search engines to find their way around and understand your site.

7. Use an SEO plugin for WordPress

If you run your website on the WordPress platform, you can take advantage of one of the many SEO plugins available.

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Yoast SEO is a good one and goes a long way to ensuring your SEO is good for the page or content you are creating.

You can input your target keyword, the title of the content, the slug and the Meta description and it will give you advice about the SEO and analysis for the content.

In summary

When considering how to improve SEO on Google one of the most important things to take into account is that it will take time to see results.

Many people who search for how to improve SEO ranking on Google think that once they have followed the steps given their site will automatically reach the top of search engines. Sadly, this is not so. Search engine optimisation is an on-going strategy that requires your attention. This is often why many business websites are put into the hands of SEO specialists.

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