How to Improve SEO on Google for Your Small Business

Does your small business need to improve SEO on Google? It can be difficult for small businesses to compete online with larger ones. Often larger businesses have deep pockets and this helps to boost their presence on Google with dedicated teams optimising their site. So, how can your small business compete and benefit from SEO on a smaller scale budget?

Well, you don’t necessarily need to have the large pockets of the bigger companies. There are affordable SEO packages aimed at smaller businesses that offer all that is needed. There are also some things you can do yourself to improve site ranking.

Improve SEO on Google with Small Changes

It is possible to improve site ranking on Google by making small changes. This can really provide you with an edge over your competitors.

Keep an eye on the latest news from Google

The first thing to bear in mind is that the Google algorithms are always changing so your website needs to adapt too. They don’t make their changes public knowledge; however, they do often give hints about changes. For instance, they let out news about new ranking signals. This was page experience, mobile friendliness and loading speed.

So, with this in mind you need to ensure your site is mobile friendly and it loads fast. If your site runs on WordPress this is easy to sort out yourself. You can check how your site looks on a mobile directly in the Appearance tab.

You can also choose a lightweight theme and keep your plugins down to the minimum. You can also use Cloudflare; this will help to speed up your website.

Just by making these small changes you can improve SEO on Google and gain points with the search engine.

Use the free resources offered by Google

Google resources to improve SEO on Google

Google offers numerous free resources that you should put to good use.

Google Search Console, Analytics and Google My Business are three excellent resources you should be using. All three of these help you to compete with the big companies out there and it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you have a brick and mortar store Google My Business is essential. No business should be without it. It is free and an easy way to make sure your business information is up to date. It is essential to highlight information such as:

  • Your business address;
  • The phone number;
  • Hours your business is open;
  • A map showing your location.

Google Search Console is a great free resource that can help you to improve SEO on Google and keep an eye on how your website is doing.

It provides a lot of information about those visiting your site, what search terms brought them to your site and more. The search console is where you can add your sitemap. This tells Google about all of the posts and pages on your site and makes it easy for the search engine to index them.

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In the search console, you can also find issues with your site, such as the speed, whether it is mobile friendly and other issues with indexing.

Google Analytics also helps with finding out information about your website. It tells you the visitors received, where they come from, landing pages, exit pages and more.

Use consistent branding to improve SEO on Google

If you make sure you meet the needs of those searching online, you will satisfy Google too.

With this in mind you should make sure that you highlight how what you offer is going to help customers and those visiting your site.

Make sure that you use consistent branding along with design all over your website. This can help with establishing trust and a good user experience. This is something that Google loves.

Write high quality informative content

If you are wondering out how to increase Google ranking yourself a good tip is to maintain high-quality content on your site. You might employ a copywriter for your content or if you have a love of writing and good command of the English language, you may choose to write content yourself.

If you write yourself, make sure you do keyword research and provide those searching with the answers or information they are looking for. Along with this, make sure you show off your expertise in your particular field. Add a FAQ page to your blog where you fully answer the most frequently asked questions.

Improve SEO on Google with reviews

Over 97% of those searching on the internet only make purchases after reviewing a product or service online. With this in mind you should concentrate on gaining reviews for your website.

Get as many reviews as possible and post them on your site, along with interacting with customers who leave reviews. If you get a high number of positive reviews, it can help to improve site ranking on the search engines.

Check out affordable SEO packages

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Professional SEO doesn’t have to be outside of your league. There are affordable SEO packages to choose from so there should be something for every business out there.

Bear in mind, professional SEO can greatly improve site ranking on search engines and packages will offer a great deal more than what we have talked about in this article. Professional SEO services provide on page, off page, technical and local SEO to your site. While it does mean putting your hand in your pocket, the benefits far outweigh this.

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