The Difference between Content Writing & Copywriting

Did you realise that there is a difference between content writing and copywriting? Well, there is. While they are both types of writing, they both have different aims. Here we are going to explain why they differ so that you can choose the correct content services for your needs.

Here at Copywriting 4 U we offer both content writing and copywriting services. Yes, we are really that clever.

What a content writer offers

A content writer, who by the way may also be called a content marketer, can provide website and blog owners with written content that engages the reader. Good content will write informative and entertaining content for specific audiences about industry-related topics.

Valuable information and advice

Your professional content writer will not hard sell or promote your goods or services. Instead, they will provide advice and information to build up a loyal audience. Not only do they build up your website visitors they will also help you to retain them and turn them into customers.

Entertain and retain website visitors

Entertaining and retaining website visitors is possible by your content writer providing content that includes tips, actionable insights and such on the topic they are interested in. As they are interested, they stick around on your website and there is more chance of them making purchases and coming back.

So, what types of content do they offer?

  • Informative blog posts;
  • Pages for websites;
  • Articles;
  • Post on social media;
  • E-books.

Professional content writers generally specialise in blog posts. Well written blog posts are a staple for any blog as it helps with SEO. We provide professional unique blog posts that boost your rankings in the search engines and bring in visitors and keep them engaged.

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Many blog posts help to solve issues and provide answers to questions that people ask. Such as this post, we are writing, the difference between content writing and copywriting. It answers the question.

Alternatively, blog posts can provide people with more information about a subject in which people have shown an interest.

Therefore, a content writer helps your website to gain better rankings in search engines, which in turn brings in website visitors and turns them into buyers.

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To summarise a good content writer doesn’t sell instead they entertain and inform by providing content creation for websites.

What a copywriter offers

Know that you know what a content writer offers we will take a look at what copywriting services offer.

The main objective of a copywriter is to sell your products and services through compelling copy. A good copywriter will gently persuade visitors with a specific call to action. This is usually making a purchase or subscribing to something.

Copywriting that sells

Copywriters will write content that shows people why a product or service can help to make improvements or solve their problem. They then go on to convince the reader to take action or to buy.

Good copywriters don’t mince around with long introductions or fancy words. They typically provide content such as:

  • Copy for your websites, such as a home page or product page;
  • Product descriptions;
  • Descriptions in brochures;
  • Write paid ads;
  • Make promotional posts on social media;
  • Write email content.

The difference between content writing and copywriting

You now know the main difference between content writing and copywriting and we will summarise them below.

Content writer – creates content that is engaging to retain visitors through information and entertainment in blog posts, articles, social media posts.

Copywriter – the main aim is to sell, focus is on immediate conversion through products descriptions, ads, promotional material.

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As you can see, both involve writing, but both have different focuses and aims.

A good content creation agency will offer both content writing services and copywriting. So, contact us today and tell us what you require and get a competitive quote.

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