5 Simple Secrets to Rock Your Maximum SEO Value

Anyone running a business website wants to see his or her site rank high in Google search. This is essential to bringing in visitors to your site to turn them into buyers. Here we show you five simple secrets to rock your maximum SEO value to get higher search engine rankings.

Rock your maximum SEO Value by updating content

You will already know about the value of having an SEO strategy and will probably be working with an SEO specialist. However, there are also many things you can do too to boost your site and get the maximum SEO value from it. So, we are not going to talk about the range of search engine optimisation factors, instead, we are going to focus on how to get the most from your content by keeping that content updated.

If you want to know how to push, your content as far as it can go by updating, check out our five simple secrets.

1. Why update your content?

One question that might be on your lips is, why update your content? This is a good question.

You could write fresh new content or have it written for you, so what is the benefit of looking back at your old content and updating it?

The easiest answer is that the content is already there. The hard work has already been done. Previous content might have done very well in search engine rankings but you can revisit it and refresh it, giving it a totally new lease of life.

If there is content that hasn’t done particularly well on your site, you can look over it. Add in something new, relevant and interesting content that might not have been around at the time the article was written and make that content work. This way you can get the maximum SEO value from it instead of allowing it to sit there.

2. What is freshness in SEO?

Our next tip relies on answering the questions, what is freshness in SEO?

You might have heard this term going around online, as a lot of people have been talking about updating and repurposing old content to make it work.

Content freshness SEO is simply updating old blog posts with fresh relevant content as part of your ongoing SEO strategy.

This is what freshness in SEO means. You provide valuable information in old posts and articles that bring that content bang up to date, making it interesting today.

3. Is content freshness a ranking factor?

This brings us to the next tip by answering the question, is content freshness a ranking factor?

So, is refreshing your old content a ranking factor or is it a waste of time?

We think updating content is a great tip as it does help a great deal towards ranking in Google search and we are going to explain why.

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Google likes fresh content and sites that are updated regularly. Therefore, the search engine crawls fresh content more than stale and older content. What’s more, this leads to better search engine rankings.

It has been proven that a page where a lot of content has changed is crawled by Google more often and they rank for more keywords according to Botify.com.

They also discovered that pages that had the most changes were crawled more often along with ranking higher in Google search. Therefore, fresh content helps SEO when you update existing content.

4. Competitors never stop working on content

Finally, the last of these tips to rock your maximum SEO value is to bear in mind that your competitors never stop working on content.

The competition is always going to be working to maximise their SEO and updating old content is one part of that.

Spy On Your Competitors Traffic

You can also take advantage of the work your competitors do to get higher search rankings. Head to Google and type in the keyword in the search engine that you want to rank for then check out the completion and what they are writing about.

If you have similar content you could go over that content and refresh it or if not write something similar. You can also use a site such as Ubersuggest to do homework on your competitors.

Type in a competitor’s website and check what keywords they rank highly for and the content that works well for them.

5. Add in relevant and recent information for maximum SEO value

While the majority of the content you should update will be your evergreen content, content that remains timeless; you can also update articles with facts and figures.

If you have, content that contains dates, times or facts and figures you can go over this content and make sure it is relevant and recent by adding in more up to date facts and figures. You can make amendments at the bottom to bring it up to date and this is a great way of refreshing that content.

To summarise

Now you know our simple secrets to rock your maximum SEO value in your content. When considering this you can just add in new information, data, news, or facts and figures or you could totally rewrite the content. Which is something else entirely.

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When rewriting content you will not just be adding in new information, you will be totally restructuring the article. This often includes making a new post from a particular piece of content. When doing this you will want to come up with a new title, new sub-headings and restructure the content, include bullet points etc.

Of course, if the content you are rewriting is ranking well for a particular keyword, don’t try to rank the new piece for the same keyword. Instead, choose a similar keyword for the new article.

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